This treehouse’s window is a giant live picture frame of a french castle!

by Ronald Johnson

The live photos technology on our phones is cool but what if I told you you can dive into the live picture frame and have real-time views? That is basically what this conceptual treehouse does! Guests of the Château-Scope are living inside a luxurious picture frame that shows them a framed live view of the French castle Château de La Mothe Chandeniers.

The treehouse is nestled in the castle’s circumference – this placement has been inspired by the relationship between the sun (in this case, the castle) and the moon (the treehouse in this context). The distinguishing feature of this treehouse is the slanted roof screen that creates a temporal veil to make guests curious. To ensure that everyone is able to view the full landscape, there are arch openings created in the slated roof based on the analysis of an average person’s sightline. When one looks through the module arches, Château de La Mothe Chandeniers is transformed into a whimsical vision of a historical castle in a snow globe!

“This proposal seeks to generate a new dynamic between site and experience with the introduction of treehouse modules. The shift in perspective offered by the tree houses will allow for a renewed understanding of Château de La Mothe Chandeniers,” explains the LMTLS team. The team has created two modules – one with minimal required programs and another with additional volume. Interior design elements like folding glass doors and curtains can be added to maximize the connection with the natural surroundings. The main window will always be facing the castle and having the two contrasting architectural designs on one site is a poetic way of bringing the old and the new together to be enjoyed simultaneously.

Designer: Daeho Lee, Beomki Lee, and Jaeyual Lee of LMTLS

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