Radical outside, rustic inside

by Ronald Johnson

The size of a bedroom, the Nolla cabin is perfect for the idyllic holiday. Its design, aside from being highly characteristic, is also comfortable, and sustainable. Named after the Finnish word for zero, the Nolla cabin’s purpose is literally to give you a zero-worry, zero-emission holiday.

Built with a tent-like shape, the Nolla aims at giving you the very same feeling, when sunlight creeps into its interiors through the triangular glass facade on the front. Made entirely from local pine and plywood, the Nolla doesn’t use any fasteners to hold it in place, but rather, pieces together like a massive puzzle. The cabin can be transported and assembled without the need for heavy machinery, and it comes with adjustable pedestals, giving you the freedom to set the Nolla up on any sort of terrain.

With its small, wood-themed interior space, the Nolla forces you to pack less when you travel (less luggage, less waste), and focus more on the beautiful, contemplative environment around it rather than anything else. Running entirely on solar panels, the Nolla maintains a zero carbon footprint. It comes with two beds, a table, and a stove that runs on renewable diesel made entirely from waste. In fact, the boat that takes you to the Nolla cabin in Vallisaari from Helsinki runs on renewable diesel too!

Designer: Robin Falck

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