Work from home making you claustrophobic? Now you can work outside all year long!

by Ronald Johnson

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Have you shushed your sibling during a call or gave your partner a death stare when they walk in the middle of your Zoom conference? If I had a dollar for every time I did that, I would be able to buy multiple of these home office pods! Assemble it in your backyard in just a day, we all know we need a home improvement project as an outlet because banana bread can’t hold the fort any longer.

If you share your apartment or just generally have a small urban home, you must have made a lot of makeshift arrangements for a professional background but is it really helping you focus when you are living at work? Let’s revise to what it is – working from home, rather from your private backyard office because you are a boss for keeping it together in 2020. This pod is called ‘My Room in the Garden’ because that is exactly what it is and we don’t want to leave any space for confusion as we are all trying to minimize our per-my-last-emails. The pod’s external structure is crafted from weatherproof aluminum and the interior has been designed using birch. To alleviate that claustrophobic feeling there are floor-to-ceiling windows that let plenty of natural light flood in. As previously mentioned, you are the boss and therefore this pod is fully customizable to fit in your existing space. Since it is a modular prefabricated system, you can build your pod in a way that it optimizes your backyard or your driveaway without having to move anything around. The smallest unit is around 6 feet by 8 feet, and costs $6,400; the largest starts at $13,600 and you can expand it with as many modules as you want.

“ All components are pre-assembled flat-pack design, which is digitally fabricated and geometrically efficient to minimize material waste. Features like peg walls are great at organizing the internal space allowing for flexible configurations of shelves, storage, desks. You finally have the space you always wanted, a spare room just outside your home where you can concentrate, work or relax,” says the team.

Designer: My Room in the Garden

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