This wooden cabin uses plexiglass to give you uninterrupted views!

by Ronald Johnson

I have cabin fever from being in quarantine but I also have the other kind of cabin fever where I spend all day looking at cabins , pinning them to my board , and designing imaginary ones in my head. Now Canada ranks very high in where I want my imaginary cabin to be located because it has some of the most breathtaking landscapes right from crystal blue lakes to snowcapped mountains. Which brings me to this cozy wooden cabin, the Edward Bed & Breakfast, that is roughly 100 miles east of Toronto and is open year-round!

The cabin hides amidst a lush 75-acre property surrounded by a massive wooded area that is used for the business’s various other staying experiences. Payam Shalchian designed the 80-square foot cabin and also co-owns the B&B. The theme is ultra minimalistic – the exterior is a simple wooden frame and the interior only houses essential furniture. The luxury in this case is the immersive experience you have within nature. To truly bring the outside in, the majority of the walls and ceiling panel areas are made of transparent plexiglass. The cabin is basically a sleeping zone and has another supplementary 64-square foot cabin which is a bathhouse containing a shower and composting toilet. The set up comes with a wood stove for cooking or warming up on chilly nights. The B&B will also provide the guests with basic camping gear. While it is not a luxury 5-star stay, you still get a literal uninterrupted million-star view by simply laying down and gazing at the sky from your bed.

It looks to be something that is many notches above camping but also not as opulent as glamping – Edward Bed & Breakfast is almost like Goldilocks’ porridge version of cabin experiences, it is just right. While they are fully booked for 2020, you can still sign up to receive notifications for cancellations or book in advance for 2021 – we all need that vacation after this year!

Designer: Payam Shalchian

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