This Smart Plant Wall Turns Bland Building Façades into Green Art

by Ronald Johnson

The living wall trend has plenty to recommend it: It freshens up a space, adds an unexpected element of greenery, and makes a major design statement. With Kinetic Green Canvas—developed collaboratively by Green Studios , the Beirut-based landscape and technology firm, and BADRx, a branch of the international design house Built by Associative Data —green walls can come to life in a completely new way.

Consisting of rotating cubes covered in Green Studios' hydroponic skin and plant life, the canvas transforms building exteriors into verdant, changing art installations. Each cube contains a pipe to circulate water and keep the plants healthy and a motor to rotate the cubes to create various designs. Embedded with an automated irrigation system, the multilayer skin is thick and fibrous, providing both temperature and sound insulation.

Plant health is fundamental to the project, so owners of living walls will have an app that allows them to monitor when the plants need to be fed, trimmed, or treated for disease. Reports are digitally summarized and sent directly to users' phones, reducing the amount of human intervention and maintenance visits required.

The living walls are engineered to function indoors or outdoors and in extreme climate ranges around the world. Installation takes about a week, and there is a ten-year warranty on the skin.

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