For Bird Watchers, Inspired by Bird Builders

by Ronald Johnson

You’ve probably heard of biomimicry as a design trend but have you ever heard of animal architecture mimicry ? Designed just for bird watchers of the Pape Nature Preserve in Latvia, Glint is an architectural exploration inspired by the way birds build their own nests and other structures. It utilizes this unique form of wildlife mimicry to place steel, timber and OSB in a similar form as a bird’s nest.

The resulting organic shape blends in to the serene setting of the park. Perched high above the ground, visitors can view bird specimens and other wildlife from the comfort of a sturdy vertical platform where they can enjoy and appreciate nature without disturbing. Check out the elevations and renderings. They’re works of art in themselves!

Designer: Keremcan Kırılmaz & Erdem Batırbek

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